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Lucifer LeGivorden
Priest of Hell
Dec 16, 2020
In General Discussion
Hey there folks. Welcome to the STS forums. A few basic rules before you go jumping in to things here. Their all no brainers. If you have any problems, please notify myself or a moderator. Be Polite. No Flaming. No trash talking about other Satanic Organizations, or their members. This gets a bit murky so let me clarify. Talking about a groups downfalls in a respectful way is ok. But we are not here to get into a pissing match with other groups. This protection however does not extend to Pseudo Satanic Groups. This refers of course to any "Satanic" Organizations that use our religion for political shock and awe, or to subvert the law. This will be elaborated on in later posts. Do not trash talk about other forum or STS members. Do not post obscene or offensive pictures. We are not a porn site so use common sense or ask administration before posting anything that might get us in trouble with our webhost. do not use harrowing verbiage towards other members. That means don't harass them. Unless you are a Moderator, do not over step your boundaries. If you have a problem please contact the administration and let us handle it. Thank you all and have fun.