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The Satanic Thulian Society, or STS, has been formed as a reaction to the lack of leadership from other major Satanic Organizations. While not an activist organization, STS's activities will include counter activist operations against certain rogue groups and organizations whom falsely claim the title of Satanism, while behaving in a manner contrary to our Religious beliefs.


The STS is first and foremost a religious organization devoted to the true original concepts of Anton Szandor LaVey, and meshing them with the concepts of Michael Aquino, and other notable and influential people in the Satanic community. 


We are not the standard “Itheistic” or “Atheistic” Laveyan Satanists of Gilmores Church of Satan. We reject most attempts to label us as anything other than Satanists! We do accept the terms Classical, Theistic Laveyan, pre-1975 Laveyan.


Our mission is to return Satanism to what it once was and evolve it to what it should have originally become had the 1975 CoS/ToS schism never occurred. To this end we do accept the works of Michael Aquino as part of our literature where it is logically plausible and not contrary to LaVey’s teachings. We do also accept the current Gilmorian Cannon of the Church of Satan provisionally again where it does not run counter to LaVey’s original teachings.


We also reject openly the notion that Anton LaVey was an Atheist or that any of his teaching are inherently Atheistic, Humanistic, Deistic, or any other labeling in nature. LaVey understood that his concepts did not fall truly into any established category, thus why he used the term “SATANIC”. To this end we have substantial documentation establishing that LaVey WAS NOT, an Atheist at any point in his life. Of which we will be publishing to the world.


To answer one final question. Why do we call ourselves “The Satanic Thulian Society”?


It was publicly voted on by our members and supporters. 


We stand in support of Centrist/Libertarian ideologies, against an ever increasing threat from radical Far Left ideologies. 

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