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The STS Stance on Abortion and the Law

This is going to be a very touchy subject folks. You won’t find it in any of my books or anything like that, but never the less it is an important topic to talk about. ABORTION. This is a very murky and touchy topic for multiple reasons. But thanks to a certain Pseudo Satanic Organization putting out an “Abortion Ritual”, it must be addressed publicly for all to see and understand.


As you will have no doubt seen in our FAQ, the official position of STS is that we are against abortion, unless absolutely necessary for medical reasons. But its not as simple as that. We follow much of Anton LaVey’s original concepts of Satanism. And that includes his 9 Statements, 11 Rules of the Earth, and 9 Sins. But further more we must also see things with our own personal moral compasses. On top of that we have our own states laws to consider. To say things are much more convoluted in our standing than would first appear, is a bit of an understatement.


First thing is first. As Satanists who follow the dictates of LaVey we are acutely aware of the 9th rule of the Earth. “Do not harm little children.” It’s that simple. It doesn’t say only born children are to be left unharmed, just “little children”. So at what stage do we take it into consideration as a child?


At a certain point in the fetal development the fetus begins to think for itself, it slowly gains more and more independent thought away from the mother. By the second trimester it is its very much its own creature. Capable of its own independent thoughts and emotions. Research has proven the new child can even dream. This being said, by the second Trimester of a pregnancy the fetus is no longer a “thing”, but an actual child, and our religious edicts now fully apply to it, as much as any other child.


We should also point out that each state has its own laws concerning this topic, that both help and guide our position in each state. But this is where once again problems begin to occur.


The position on “Bodily Autonomy” is a no brainer…. at first glance. A woman has every right under our laws and legal constitution to choose what happens to her own body so long as it does not infringe on the rights of others or the legal limits of the law. Yet certain liberal activist groups masquerading as “Satanic Religious Organizations”, The Satanic Temple to be exact, claim that abortion laws violate their religious rights of “Bodly Autonomy.”


The Satanic Temple has repeatedly made attempts to circumvent the laws surrounding abortion. Even to the point of attempting to use the shield of religion to convince its members and abortion clinics to break the laws of various states. This has culminated in their creation of an “Abortion Ritual.”

Though generally little more than a self-affirmation, this “Ritual”, if it could really be called that is an attempt to find a work around certain laws surrounding abortion. But what is more is that it is a clear example of how Pseudo Satanic organizations can be very dangerous.  


The Satanic Temple has in this very move demonstrated its root ignorance of the history of Satanism, and any sort of understanding of philosophy. (The latter was made clear by showcasing their lack of real reading list towards any factual Satanic literature HERE.)


It wasn’t very long ago that Satanism faced a period of witch hunt’s in the 1980s that was call the “Satanic Panic Era.” During this time period the public was inundated with stories of ritual sacrifices, child abuse, kidnappings, torture, and a whole host of other falsehoods. It was almost weekly that one talk show or another was featuring supposed experts of Satanic ritual abuse, escaped Satanic cult members, or surviving victims, making one horrific claim or another.


Among those claims was the rumor of “BREEDERS.” A cabal of clandestine Satanists who either force women into slavery, or provide their own wombs, to breed sacrificial babies. And of course, where did these horrific events take place? Abortion clinics naturally!


Of course it now becomes very clear why such a stupid thing this “Ritual” actually is. While this is no longer the 80s, small minded Christian “Authorities” still lurk in the wings to stir up vexation towards any occult practitioners that might appear to make for a good culprit for some atrocity. And a factual Satanic Abortion ritual is just the perfect thing to prove the evil Satanist want to kill babies.


The truth of the matter is that The Satanic Temple is not real Satanists. Nor is any organization modeled after them. Individual Satanists don’t need nor want the shield of religious liberties to get an abortion. The truth is, we see abortions in most instances as a copout for stupidity. And it flies directly in the face of a number of our various religious laws.


In our modern era there is very little reason for a voluntary abortion of a fetus. Especially in the second trimester. I am a father of two children now, and in both instances, we could tell something was different within days and was able to confirm the pregnancy in less than 2 weeks after conception! That is well within certain states timeframe of 6 weeks to have an abortion.


The truth is that STS stands firmly behind the notion that a Real Satanist would never need an abortion under most normal circumstances. A Real Satanic Woman would take all the preventative measures she needed to prevent such an event. Given the vast number of contraceptive options in our modern society, including the day after pill, this is not a problem.

What’s more is STS acknowledges that men too also have a responsibility to aid our female counterparts in this task. A simple condom in our wallets for those encounters isn’t very hard to do. And it accomplishes much.


Perhaps a better stance for women’s reproductive rights, would not be on abortion rights, but a woman’s right to voluntarily be sterilized. I’ve known numerous women who want nothing more than to never have children and fight for years to get their tubes tied or ovaries removed. Only to be met with none stop push back from doctors who refuse to give them the time of day on the subject even when they meet all the legal requirement for age and other circumstances. This has led to many women turning to herbal remedies to find a supposed permanent solution.


One such mysterious solution is Stoneseed root. A native plant to Americas western frontier that reportedly when drunk in a cold infusion for 6 months to a year, will permanently stop a woman’s reproductive abilities.


With these options it is a wonder the topic of abortion is still such an issue. But alas it is, and it is just one more factor that distinguishes the Real Satanists from the Pseudo Satanists.

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