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In Conclusion: A Final Thought

By Lucifer LeGivorden

The evidence to whether or not LaVey was an atheist, is in the end conclusive and solid. LaVey railed against the notion of Satanism being atheism right up until Peter Gilmore arrived on the scene. And even then evidence shows that he only seemed to play lip service to the young New Yorker from Hell’s Kitchen.

Gilmore himself claims in his introduction to the Satanic Bible to moving beyond the moniker of “Atheist.” This is now apparent as a blatant lie. Perhaps he once attempted to move beyond such notions and flow back into the realms of spirituality, only to fail utterly. Or perhaps he always had an alternative agenda. Whatever the case may have been, he has left a deep wound on the fabric of Satanism. One that will take a long time to repair if it can be at all.

Nowadays we have many “Satanic” organizations who have adopted this notion of Atheism. Gilmore has destroyed quite effectively what it was to be a Satanist. Only perhaps a meager handful can now recall the old days when magic literally flowed from the Black House. When Satanic Curses drew real fear and caused some real panic and wonderment.

Too many folks now see Satanism as a political statement masquerading as a religion. They parade around in outrageous attire protesting for abortion rights or trying to get statues installed on political building grounds. Not that some of this is not good press for Satanism. The proponents of such enthusiastic displays have no concept of what they are really representing.


And where is Gilmore in all of this? Why has he not come forth to indulge in the mess he has made?

And what of the dwindling theistic Satanists? Left in the dark to huddle. Lacking the simple knowledge that the truth was right in front of them. They grow frustrated in an ever growing Atheistic world of Satanism, and either abandon their faith in the real Devil and search for something else to appease their spiritual desires. Or they say screw it and hide amongst the atheists just to have companionship.

The damage caused by Gilmores atheistic views, and his expoundment of lies about the founder of Modern American Satanism, is massive and on an epic scale. Only by outright refuting and publicly exposing this catastrophe, can we ever hope to learn what true Satanism was really about. So this one last question remains. Do you have what it takes to be a real Satanist? 

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