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The Law of the Satanist

Morality is a Lie.

  Morality is a pretty lie told by society in order to hide behind the façade of social acceptability, and at times to escape ones’ own responsibilities. Interchangeable it is, at any moment, and in any culture, to escape wrong doings, by making them the moral and social rights.


Embrace Lex Talionis at all times.

The Law of Nature is unchanging in all things, and at all times. The weak are dominated by the strong. The Satanist should seek to ever be strong in all things, and at all times. Lex Talionis!


Responsibility to the Responsible.

The Satanist accepts the Responsibility of their actions and inactions at all times. By this acceptance, do they maintain power over themselves and lives at all times. Only the weak willed will seek to escape their Responsibility, and at no time is the true Satanist weak in anything.


Temperance your ego by the strength of your character.

Take to oneself, no titles that you cannot hold by virtue of the strength of your will and character alone. Lest you be mocked by your peers, and destroyed by your own pretentiousness.


Bodily Autonomy is a privilege, not a right.

“Bodily Autonomy!”, is a myth cried by the enfeebled herd in a vain attempt to escape the blood splashed jaws of the predatory Satanist. It is by the rule of Fang & Claw, that the true Satanist guarantees their own Bodily Autonomy.


Be the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The true Satanist adopts the social norms and moralities of wherever they are at. Walking as a local in a foreign land so as not to be noticed. Casting off the veil of invisibility only when it suits his predatory nature. Just as the wolf instinctively blends in with the herd to stalk the sheep. Revealing himself only to strike and fade back into the either.


Take pride in one’s own natural self in every way.

Self-Deception is a sin to not just Satan, but oneself. A Satanist should at all times revel in their natural born nature and being. Masculinity for men, and femineity for women, undefiled and celebrated in their purist forms. To attempt to change what is natural to oneself and one’s nature, is an affront to the Infernal, and celebrates the insecurity of the mundane.


The act of Abortion is an Affront.

A woman’s womb is of the utmost sacred of temples. For within, the Elixir of Life is created and allowed to take root and flourish. Cursed are they who willfully destroys that life that has grown within the sacred temple of womanhood. For if such a gift is not desired, then let the temple be rendered barren and devoid of power.


Atheism is NOT Satanism.

Cursed are they who mock the truth of Satan with the lie of Atheism. Satanism is a religion of Faith. Faith in one’s self. Faith in Satanic values. Faith in one’s religious views. And Faith in Satan in any and all of his forms. The Atheist is FAITHLESS. Having faith in nothing or anyone. Anyone who claims the mantle of Atheist, has not any claim to the mantle of Satanist.


Celebrate one’s own Creativity and Magick.

Harken to one’s soul the Black Flame of Satan at all times. For it is the gift of Satan and Hell. The Gift of Creativity. The Gift of Magick! Deny the power you wield at your own peril. For to do so, is to undo all that you have done and achieved by the power of the Black Flame.  

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