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Firethorne Manor


The Black Parlor

If you go driving through Abbeville County South Carolina, you will be greeted with pleasant smiles and friendly locals always willing to have a good conversation. You may even be invited to dinner as good southern hospitality still runs deep in the local area.

The rolling back country of this place is known for being the birth and death place of the Confederacy, and a monument to those rebels still sits in the square of the county seat. It’s a good easy going place, where Christian morals, and antebellum charm, still run strong. Folks here are generally good God fearing people.

But there is something strange here. An undercurrent of tension at times. If you sit quietly and listen at times to the locals, you may hear a whisper or two about a particular house on the opposite shores of Lake Succession, in a sleepy little hamlet. Rumor has it the Devil himself has taken up residence there, and a shadow now spreads over the town from the 130 year old house located at its very heart.

Nick named the Old Bone House, after its previous owners, it is a pleasant estate of four acres, that wouldn’t be too out of place in any antebellum tv show. Yet most locals now cross the street from it to avoid it. If you sit in the local store down the street, you’ll hear even more whispers about it. Whispers of dark rituals and mysterious Black Room bathed in an evil light.

 And should you be so lucky, you might encounter the friendly owner of the house. You would be forgiven to describe him as a jovial long haired hippy soccer dad sort of fellow. With a gentle smile and friendly wave, you would be welcome to start up a friendly conversation with this fellow. And with handshake he would probably introduce himself as, “Hello. I’m Lucifer LeGivorden. Welcome to Firethorne Manor.”

 Firethorne Manor is the Seat of Power for the

Satanic Thulian Society.


Called the Old Bone House by locals, this home is located at the very center of its small town. It is a unique place that belies its current white exterior, and is already being called the new “Black House” of the South in certain Satanic circles. 

Firethorne sits in near perfect alignment with the compass points. Also, series of lesser ley lines intersect in the western most room of this house, now infamously called,

The Black Parlor.

Designed to pay homage to the classic Satanic Ritual Chamber design, its massive 12 foot high ceiling, floor length windows, black walls and red trimmed borders, and the STS’s custom Trapezoid Baphomet above the fireplace, make the Black Parlor, an impressive, if not imposing Ritual Chamber. It is within this room, that Lucifer LeGivorden, keeps many of his unique artifacts.


From a cursed and supposedly haunted shofar from Jerusalem, a genuine Haitian voodoo doll, to the ring of Count Dracula himself, and much more can be found upon the shelves, and the altar itself.


Alongside those artifacts, rest a library of Satanic knowledge. From authors such as LaVey, Gilmore, Aquino, and Flowers, the student of the occult arts will never lack for reading material here.

But for that truly curious reader, sequestered to a dark corner, almost enshrined between a pair of black skull candles, rests perhaps the most unique item. A simple 3 ring binder, not much to look at initially. Even almost easily overlooked entirely. However, when opened it becomes clear to the reader that this is not average book, but the core Grimoire of the STS itself, the Moribus Infernum, used in so many rituals. This sacred tome, contains many of the STS’s core literature and rituals, and is constantly being expanded upon.

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