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STS Has a number interesting takes on Satanism and how we practice it. For us to say we follow Anton LaVey's teachings would be too simple an explanation. Unlike a certain Wannabe "Satanic" organization that clames to be an evolution of LaVey's Satanism, STS legitimately is an evolution of LaVey's Pre-1975 Church of Satan. 

It has been through well over a decade and a half of research and study not only into Anton LaVey himself, but also his acquaintances, political view points, his writings, and interviews given. This research also has extended to other key figures in the Satanic community, many of whom knew LaVey personally at one time or another.  

To say Anton LaVey inspired the Satanic Thulian Society would be a gross understatement. 

The following articles discus some of the unique investigative findings that have shaped STS's take on Satanism. 

Satanic Politics

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