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Generally speaking this section pains me to write and post so prominently. I legitimately hate doing it, but it must be done.

Now before I go any further in this let me be clear on mine and the STS's stance on a certain subject. We are not here to talk shit about every other legitimate Satanic Organization, their members, Styles, Systems, beliefs, or any independent Satanists or their beliefs. Simply put, it will not be tolerated. I've looked into numerous Satanic Organizations over the years, and while I found that allot of them I couldn't agree with on a fundamental basis for one reason or another. Never once did I find one that I could truly call FAKE or Pseudo Satanic. There have been a few that cuts it very close, but just didn't cross that line. Until now. For the first time ever, I must painfully state that their is one such organization that does not represent true Satanic values, and promotes us in a very false light to the public.

One of the missions of STS, is to bring integrity back to the public face of Satanism and clarify allot of the misunderstandings that has recently been perpetuated by a very particular organization claiming to be Satanists. The Satanic Temple, or TST. (The flip of our names initials from theirs is no accident by the way.)

I would like to be very clear on one  thing. I used to be a strong supporter of TST for a number of years. I didn't fully agree with their values and wanted to see how they would develop before I made any determination to affiliate with them. And frankly I'm thankful for my hesitation rather than being a blind lemming like so many others it would seem. But for a while there, I felt they were doing good for the religion in a more or less general sort of way. I had blinders on to all the parts about them that was blatantly not Satanic. Like many I was starry eyed with all they were doing. That is until they touched on a topic, and acted in such a way with it, that I could no long keep the blinders on with them.

Let me be clear on one last thing.


In the eyes of Satanic Thulian Society, The Satanic Temple, and any individual, group, or organization, that mirrors its values, actions, and brand of activism, are true Pseudo Satanists. They do not represent our values or our religion.

The following articles, touch on a number of topics on the subject of The Satanic Temple, and their contradicting views, lies, miss-representations, and their general hijacking of our religion, for political shock and awe points.




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