Who is Lucifer LeGivorden


                                                                      Lucifer LeGivorden, sometimes known as “Alexandrue Lucifer Ravensloft LeGivorden”, is an                                                                              accomplished Warlock, and is the founder of the Satanic Thulian Society.


                                                                      He is a long standing and mildly known Satanist and occultist with almost 30+ years of experience                                                                          under his belt, he is an expert in numerous occult fields, and one of the few Satanists to also have                                                                          actually performed real Exorcisms.


                                                                      Lucifer LeGivorden, began studying the occult at a young age through various books about                                                                                    legends, ghosts, UFOs, cursed objects and the like. He also harbored an extreme love for classic                                                                            horror movies.


                                                                     After having a near death experience involving a Great Dane around the age of 7 or 8, and having                                                                         been flatlined for over 20 minutes, (an encounter that he still bears the scars from.) LeGivorden                                                                             began studying religion ravenously. He would come to be classically trained in  Alexandrian/                                                                                 Gardnerian Witchcraft, and achieved High Priest status by the age of 18.


                                                                     He continued to study various forms of occultism, and would eventually come to specialize in Demonology, Angelology, Rabbinical Law and Lore, Parapsychology, Witchcraft, and General Occultism.


After reading The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey in his late 20s, and having seen himself reflected in LaVey’s words, LeGivorden would take on the mantle of Satanist and turned his full focus onto the study of the Satanic Arts.


In the nearly 15 years that he has been active as a Satanist, he has become an ordained Satanic Priest, authored two books, assisted in various political activist activities, and worked diligently to further his education into the occult and history of the Satanic Religion. He has also become a very vocal voice against The Satanic Temple, whom he say's are political activists who have wrongly appropriated the Religion of Satanism for political means.


Lucifer LeGivorden currently lives in South Carolina, and runs the Satanic Thulian Society from his home Firethorne Manor.  He is currently working on several writing projects, and will soon appear in a short film to be released sometime in 2021.