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Pre 1975 Laveyanism

An Explanation and Validation of the Facts.

The Spiritual Beliefs of Anton LaVey.

By Lucifer LeGivorden


In all my years being a Satanist, a few questions have always bothered me. What was Anton LaVey’s real thoughts on Satanism? Did he actually believe in a literal Devil? And why if he did, then is Satanism now being portrayed as glorified Atheism?


Over time, I grew to understand LaVeys strange views better. I came to learn that while he is currently portrayed as an Atheist, he wasn’t one in truth. I came to learn that Atheism in truth has very little place in LaVeys Satanism. A fact that as time went on became glaringly obvious to me. I just lacked the full gambit of evidence to present a solid case to this fact.


That changed recently when I chose to rekindle my investigations into some of LaVeys writings about atheism. I found the proof against Atheism in Satanism, but also rekindled my question to LaVeys more personal spiritual beliefs.


Those that knew LaVey very well in his day, such as Ed Webber, who got together with LaVey as friends and conspired with LaVey to make a Satanic Church, insist that he definitely did believe in a literal Devil, a real Satan, or a Dark undercurrent to natures energy. And that it was absolutely fundamental, and basic to all communications and interactions with him, as-given, that he did believe in a very Literal Devil.


Michael Aquino also affirms this, as he was the second in LaVey's Church until the 1975 schism. However, due to Aquino's split with LaVey in 1975, the later followers of LaVey try to downplay anything he has to say or anything in writing he can show. This treatment of Aquino is no longer an option.


I had proven to myself years ago that he did indeed believe in something outside of his own persons. However, I still lacked the solid proof to go fully public with my notions. Certainly I could present some minor case to the world with what little bit I had, much in the same way others had done before. And like them, I would likely be ignored or shut down by the Gilmore trolls. I needed something more. I needed so much proof and outright admittance of my thoughts by undeniable sources, that Gilmore and his “Atheist Church of Satan” flunkies could do nothing but lower their heads and admit defeat at long last.


It was May 10th 2019, only 10 days after I had filmed and released my first ever complete Black Mass ritual video to the public, when I finally found my Holy Grail. In a series of articles from several websites, the largest and most relevant being an article by one Tani Jantsang, I finally had all the proof I needed. And thanks to Jantsang, much of it was well researched and vetted already. I only had to double check it, and make some minor corrections to reveal some deleted and hidden information references. Such as Burton H. Wolfes introduction to the Satanic Bible.

But even with all this proof finally in my grasp, I had one more question. Why was it now necessary to prove LaVeys beliefs? Why was all of this made so obscure? For what reason was Satanism now being touted as Atheism? It made very little sense to me to try to say something is something that it is not. Certainly the truth would inevitably win out. The proponents of this falsehood would have certainly known this wouldn’t they? Especially given the subjects of whom they had spread lies about. So what could the logical reasoning be?

The answer of course was simple. Self-aggrandizement, and a failure of magical achievement.

Of course the proponents of this Atheist myth in Satanism was none other than Peter H. Gilmore. It is Gilmore chiefly, along with a pack of yes men and women, who insists to this day that Anton LaVey was always a staunch atheist and they claim that even the making of the movie "Satanis: The Devils Mass" was a big joke. Of course, they themselves are also staunch atheists!

Gilmore, who for all of his intellect and charisma, failed to achieve the very magic that LaVey himself wielded.  The only logical solution was to not even try to wield such magic and promote a different course. But this could run counter to what LaVey taught. The only solution there would be to rewrite then the history of the man and promote him as anything but the accomplished magician that he was. The difficulty was that he was such a publicly known sorcerer that questions would inevitably be razed. The only thing left then would be to quash those questions and hide the proof and discredit any whistle blowers, so that only the false narrative could be heard. Given enough time, the truth would be forgotten and buried.

What is more is that anything anyone else can testify to would be hearsay and second hand unless they had it in writing from LaVey himself.

But in this age of the internet nothing is truly lost or forgotten. Inevitably the information would surface as search engine algorithms change and morph. What would the result be, when suddenly these truths came into the open? How will it change the very landscape of Satanism? Only time will tell.

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