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Who is Kain Blackfire


Kain Michael Blackfyre, also know as ( The Blue Devil) is a professional Warlock who has taught the art of the Left-hand path at Metaphysical stores as well as lead and taught mean Coven and Students.


Kain Is the Second in command of the Satanic Thulian Society under Lucifer LeGivordon and Grotto Master of the State of Ohio and its surrounding States. He is also the Head of the Setian chapter of STS and was granted the rank and title of Grand Archon and High Priest of Set. He joined STS in 2021 as a base member and worked his way to the top and pushes all STS Affiliate’s, Member and clergy alike, to be like him and go for the gold!!!


Kain has walked many paths including Wicca, Luciferian, Hoodoo, New Orleans Voodoo and Reiki as a Reiki master and more. And is an expert in Fallen angel and angels and their ranks in the court.

Kain was raised in a magical family and has been in the art of the craft from the age of nine years old and is no stranger to wand. As a child teenage he also traveled with a family of gypsies and learned some of the craft was well, but not enough to call himself an expert. He has also been on many ghost hunting trips as well as collecting cursed items from people that were in need and needed to get rid of them and is still in the business of that. He is also an expert in the history of the catholic Church and its practices, he is also an expert in the current of the ancient Egyptian gods, magic and myths of the old lands of Egypt and there life styles and customs.

Kain title of the Blue Devil comes from his home town high school, were his mascot is the Blue Devil armed with a Golden Pitchfork he is the first recorded Warlock in the town history and first recorded Satanic high priest and because of that the granted him the title of the Unofficial/Official Blue Devil Of his home town in Summit County Ohio.

He has become a name in the satanic community and looks forward to meeting you all and meeting other members of other Satanic organizations and building bridges. He is also working on his first book The Emerald Steal of Set as well and published one of his first Satanic Masses in the Red Grimoire last year created by the founder Lucifer LeGivoden

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