Membership to STS is easy. For basic membership, it's 100% free. Just locate one of our online meet-up groups, or join our free forum, located here on the site, and ask to attend one of our next meet ups. We do encourage our basic members to join our our higher clergy and become more active, but this is not a requirement.  



Membership is open to individuals dedicated, in action and/or by identity, to the tenets of Satanism and the Satanic Thulian Society.

Membership is a privilege, subject to termination for failure to uphold the spirit and tenants of Satanism or the Satanic Thulian Society.

Basic membership does not grant authority to act as an organizational spokesperson for the Satanic Thulian Society. Only active members may be granted authority to represent STS as a spokesperson.

Basic membership is free. However, an active membership application may be requested and filed via snail mail with a non-refundable $100 fee. 



Active membership is a hands on experience that requires the member to grow and expand their abilities, and be active within their community and within the organization.

By seeking active membership, one acknowledges their hope to understand and uphold the tenets of Satanism,(9 Satanic Statements, 11 Satanic Rules of the Earth, 9 Satanic Sins) as described in the writings of Anton Szandor LaVey.


Anyone can become an active member. Simply contact us and request us to send you an application. Fill out the application with a $100 dollar money order, and send it to us via snail mail. We will contact you as soon as we get your application, to let you know it's being reviewed. Please allow up to 1 month to get the results from our reviewing process. If you have not heard from us by then, please contact us to ensure your application arrived and to schedule a phone review appointment.


Unlike certain other Organizations, we value our members and want them to be  happy with our organization.     



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