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Variant forms of Laveyan Satanism



It should be noted that Anton LaVey’s style of Satanic practice has not surprisingly, split into multiple forms, or "Denominations", over the years. These various styles are often employed by different organizations, many of which are direct branch off groups of LaVey’s original Church of Satan.


The following is an attempt to clarify these differing styles as their similarities can be very confusing. However, despite their similarities and joint originating path, each one has developed into its own unique school of Laveyan thought. Each are a direct derivative of Anton LaVey's original school of thought and in most cases an evolution of His direct work and literary ideology.


Gilmorean Satanism

Gilmorean Satanism came into being with its progenitor, Peter H. Gilmore. And is the current form of Satanism practiced by the Church of Satan directly. It is characterized by its atheistic viewpoints, authoritarianism, and its adherent’s inflexibility and eve outright hostility to any outside interpretations or viewpoints. Members are noted for idolizing not only the works of Anton LaVey, but Peter Gilmore as well. Its philosophy is codified in Gilmore’s Satanic Scriptures, which is promoted alongside the Satanic Bible.

It should be noted that Peter Gilmore is often seen as the true source of Atheistic Satanism as it was not present on a large scale until his involvement with the Church of Satan.

Pre-1975 Laveyanism

Pre-1975 Laveyanism is a loose school of styles that idolizes the pre-1975 system of the Church of Satan. John Alle was noted for promoting an early form of the system with his First Church of Satan. This is also the style that we here at Satanic Thulian Society practice. Some would argue that the early Temple of Set also fell into this category before evolving beyond it.

It is noted most frequently for its adherence to one of several forms of theistic thought in that Satan may in fact be a real entity in some form. There is no current singular codifying book or documentation of pre-1975 Laveyanism, though Michael Aquino’s works are often held in high regard.

Post-1975 or Basic Laveyanism

Post- 1975 Laveyanism, or just basic Laveyanism, is the most rudimentary form of Laveyan Satanism. It’s often held as a stepping stone before the practitioner evolves into another more refined system of thought. It is a no frills system that idolizes LaVey alone. It is also the system held by Karla LaVey’s First Satanic Church.


Setianism is the original Laveyan Splinter denomination. It has grown from its roots in 1975 after Founder Michael Aquino had a falling out with Anton LaVey to being a fully formed and unique doctrine.

A quote from Michael Aquino to Lucifer LeGivorden in an email correspondence said this:

“The Temple of Set is the Church of Satan all grown up. Setianism is the advanced form of LaVey's Satanism.”

Religious Vampirism

Original founded by the Temple of the Vampire, Religious Vampirism has exploded into a fully formed subculture, that is no longer constrained by one religious group. Its foundational group being a direct splinter organization of the Church of Satan has strong and direct doctrines that mirror the Church of Satan philosophy perfectly. Despite this link it is seen as an ironically theistic movement with the Temple of the Vampire directly having an vampiric version of an end times prediction that is a direct mirror of the ending of the movie "Lifeforce".

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