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Welcome to the Satanic Thulian Society

Alot of people speak of a belief system. A story based around something they would like to imagine to be truth.... but because they rarely have anything besides stories and unfounded desires backing it, they place faith in it. But generally..... even those whose system involves disbelief, are all based on believing lies. I have a system of knowledge, based on facts. My system has a philosophy based on truth... a system of magic that is more of a science than an art... though our rituals and ceremonies are quite artistic. We know that the Universe has an intelligent force behind it, keeping all natural laws... cosmically... in line. This force we call God..... and he is an uncaring asshole. To him, we are a minute anthill, forgotten in a different yard, in a neighborhood he won't be back to mow til next Tuesday. But the yard itself is immaculate.

Then there is another force in nature. A dark undercurrent of intelligent energy, that scientifically has not yet been defined... it is this force that ignites our Black Flames and strengthens our ego. It is this undercurrent that we as Satanists choose to align ourselves with.... for in many way it serves as the opposition. We choose to call this dark force Satan. Satan represents both this dark force in nature and the externalized ego of man. And within his image, or the Symbol of the Baphomet, I see both represented... so I say proudly Hail Satan! And Hail my fellow traders of the left hand path... may you find your Ultima Thule!

Christopher Lee Anderson 6° STS Archon

Founded on October 29th 2020, by Lucifer LeGivorden, we are the only 100% fully Theistic Laveyan Satanic Organization in the world. Not only do we accept man's true nature as Anton LaVey describes in the Satanic Bible, be we have adopted the spiritual growth and faith built upon his teachings by Dr. Michael A. Aquino .

To us, Satan is more than some incorporeal symbol that gives them an excuse for bad behavior. While he is certainly a symbolic figure that is the metaphorical embodiment of man's carnal nature, to us he is much more. We see Satan first and foremostly as a dark spiritual energy current within nature that can and does have a very real effect on our daily lives. We believe we can and do unconsciously shape this energy into what is called an Egregore, or a Living Thoughtform, that is called "Satan". He is a very real being as is Hell and the Demons & other Fallen Angels of literature and lore.


This is inline with Anton LaVey's statement that all Gods are created by man via the power of his own imagination and carnal Will. This is not the same thing as Atheism or Humanism, it is quite the opposite in fact. it is a validation of spiritual existence. We are a religion with very real faith, spiritual beliefs, and traditions, not some sideshow circus for atheists and activists that desire to look cool or appear edgy for personal or political agendas.


We Satanists view ourselves as living Gods, and as such, we create and shape our world around us, and knowingly choose to worship something outside of ourselves that is beyond normal logic. We view that by worshipping a deity external from ourselves is honoring our own creativity and deification in the physical world, while releasing ourselves from any hang ups or personal guilts, (What we would call Satanic Condemnations.), for when we pass on from this life, we can do so with peace of mind. We also view that having a set of religious beliefs is critical to leading a happy and healthy life, by providing a moral compass secondary to the laws to one's own country, in order to help guide us in life.


We welcome you to look around our site and learn about our personal beliefs and doctrines.

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